The Disney Princess Eras but it’s Famous Jammers

Not only am I an Animal Jam and Hamilton addict, but I’m also obsessed with Disney.

But not as much as Animal Jam and Hamilton.

But back to Disney(even though it has nothing to do with AJ).

If you’re truly obsessed with Disney, you know about the eras of Disney. At least, that’s what I call it. You can identify the three by the Disney Princesses in that era. Instead, we’re gonna do it with Famous Jammers. We have

  1. The classic era

Disney: 1920 – 1960

Started with classic characters like Mickey and friends, Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora.

Animal Jam: 2009 – 2011

Basically the beta days and its end. The AJ YT community started with Jammers like Julian2(BEANS :P), Gummyunicorn, and Bepper. AJ fan blogs also came along in late 2010.

2. The Renaissance era

Disney: 1960 – 2000

Princesses like Jasmine and Mulan came along whereas the classic era princesses were the “wait for a prince” type of girl.

Animal Jam: 2012 – 2014

New Jammers such as WisteriaMoon and Aparri entered the community. AJ blogs also became more common. A few are the Animal Jam Whip, the Animal Jam Friendship Community, and the Animal Jam Community.

3. The modern era

Disney: 2000 – present

The new Disney Princesses are unique and strong women. Disney has even(seemingly) renamed the Disney Princess line Dream Big, Princess. New non-princess characters such as Judy Hopps, Dory, and Angelica Schuyler made their debut.

Animal Jam: 2015 – 2017

Brand new Jambassadors such as GellyJones, Viofy, and Alistairz came into the picture. 2016 was a huge year for the AJ YT community. 7(?) lucky Jammers were invited to VidCon, all expenses paid. The blog community has decreased, but there’s less drama over there.

This was a real dumb post, but who cares. Thanks for watching reading!



Is Animal Jam going to remove Adventures?

You probably know Zios is alive. That’s a major change.

You probably know that when Zios died, Mira’s tears turned into Phantoms.

Like I said, Zios is back now, and many people are assuming Mira has stopped crying. But wait: If she stops, Phantoms will become extinct. If Phantoms are extinct, what’s the point in Adventures? Just a quick thought.

Sorry for such a short post, guys. Jam on!


Sorry for no post!

Wow. I am doing TERRIBLE with this Monday/Wednesday posting.

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t post. I was on vacation and I just got back. But there’s HUGE news.


That’s right. The eclipse in Jamaa has restored the statue in the Lost Temple of Zios, meaning only one thing: Zios has returned! The Temple is packed with Jammers gathered around the statue, saying things like “WOW” and “This is so weird”.

See ya’ll around Jamaa!


Masterpiece Masters | Scenic Nature

Hi, Jammers! Daylite Dreamer here.

Yes, I know I was supposed to post on Monday. And Wednesday(sorry, Spiritpaw!).

“Get to the point, Daylite!”

Ok, ok!

Well, it’s a new day! I will make up for those missed posts.

I’ve decided to do a weekly column I call Masterpiece Masters. One week I’ll feature three or more masterpieces that all have the same theme, and the next week I’ll feature an AJ artist. I’m going to post on Wednesdays, today I’m just a day late.

Capisce? Great!

This week’s theme is Scenic Nature.

image (30)

I love this wintery little scene. It seems like there’s a nice downtown just on one side of the lamppost, while on the other side there’s a snowy forest.

Jammer artist: Gumdropjelly

image (31)

Honestly, I can’t tell what this is(I’m dumb), but it looks like a tropical sunset. I’m in love with the colors of the plants(maybe palm trees?).

Jammer artist: sanzziani

image (32)

X_X <—– That’s me. I died because the color palette of this masterpiece is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Jammer artist: astilbe

image (33)

I’m all about teals and turquoises and aquas. The streaks of aqua really give this masterpiece an extra touch.

Jammer artist: benethorn.

That’s it for today, everyone!



Hi, I’m Daylite Dreamer!

Hi! I’m daylitedreamer and I’m a new author for the AJ Claw. I’m really excited to start writing on other blogs, and not just my own. I’ll be posting Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Saturday.

This is my introduction post, so here’s a little about me.



πŸ’™ Started playing Animal Jam four years ago, and I’m still OBSESSED with it.

πŸ’š I was formerly known as Whatever106. Now my AJ user is daylitedreamer.

πŸ’™ My main nonmember animal is a wolf and my main member animal is a llama.

πŸ’š I have my own blog, theΒ Animal Jam Sketchbook.



πŸ’™ I’m half Peruvian, which is only one reason I like llamas.

πŸ’š Aside from writing, I LOVE to perform. During the school year I go to a local drama guild every Wednesday.

πŸ’™ I work on my Youtube channel with my friend, Syd, who also has a channel.

πŸ’š As you’ve probably guessed, I do love to write. I’ve published an AJ fanfic on Wattpad, The Alpha Rabbit.

πŸ’™ If I were ever to score a role in Hamilton, I would be Angelica. I would say “I’m obsessed with Hamilton”, but isn’t everyone?

πŸ’š Llamas are the best animal on Earth to ever exist.

But that’s not really something about me, that’s just a fact. x3


Looking forward to posting here!



Where Have I been now??

Hey guys so once again I didn’t post for a few weeks… Sorry about that! Basically I am spending a lot more time in making the Grahams Gazette magazine (that comes out once a month and is posted here and AJGC) and I guess I am not spending as much time for day to day stuff. On top of that October is a super busy month for me so I have been doing a bunch of Halloween stuff. Like haunted houses and hallwoween parties and more! But don’t you worry I am going to be posting more! For the rest of October my posts might be slightly shorter but a post is better then no postΒ right?

So AJ was updated yesterday! I’m not going to go through everything just because I have to leave soon. So this cool new feature was added called message in a bottle!Β Β picofnews

Basically bottles are hidden around CrystalΒ sands and if you click on them you get a cool prize! I haven’t actually found any yet though.. When I do I will be sure to post the pics!

ajhomepageI logged on today and the home page is updated! Is this just me not logging on in a week or did they do this yesterday?

Alright that’s about it for today!

Jam on guys!


Rare AJ Wrist Band! + Upcoming Giveaway!

Hey jammers spirit here! So before we start off todays post I just want to let you guys know that we are pretty close to 10,000 views! And I know that we still have a bit to go but just wanted to let you guys know that when that time comes I PROMISE you guys I will do a contest/giveaway/epicness So stay tuned for that! And make sure you are looking at meh blog alot so I can rack up them views y-all!Cuz I’ll be watching you…. lol Anyways lets do some real posting now shale we?

So today is monday! And you know what that means! SCHOOL so yeh that’s why I’m posting this in the middle of the night… But monday also means AJHQ likes to re color items up the price then call them RARE! WOW I’m on to you AJHQ YOU DON”T FOOL MEH!! lol So todays “rare” item is the rare AJ wristband!


Well it looks pretty cool… But wait it’s NM YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY :falls out of chair: Well better go buy one!




Also I was feeling like wasting some time so I made a graphic of the image AJHQ posted on the Daily Explore about this RIM!


I also added a nice drop shadow for you guys! Feel free to use it with credit! ^.^


Alright jammers that’s about it for today.

Jam on peeps!


Hey there, I’m Cosmic!

β™›Β β€œ β™₯ I’M COSMIC β™₯ ” β™›

Hey there, I’m Cosmic! I filled out a form to be an author on the Animal Jam Claw Blog, and here I am now. I’m basically an organized, caring 11-year-old girl who is currently in 6th grade. Here’s some more about me because, hey, who doesn’t want to learn about me? Some people won’t.. I understand.

  • My favorite/trending song right now is Heathens by Twenty Øne PilΓΈts. I like multiple other songs, as well.
  • I have a Blogger profile called CosmicCheetah AJ. I enjoy blogging on any platform as a hobby — I just love to write!
  • I really like customizing blogs!!
  • My Animal Jam username is Cheetah87516.
  • I enjoy little copy-&-paste doo-hickeys like the crown (β™›), the fancy quotation marks (β€œ / ”) and little hearts (β™₯). I also like accents and little typing face things (like .w. and :D).

Yeah, I spent like 15 minutes deciding on what to write about me, and in the end, that’s all that I came up with. :P.

β™› β€œ β™₯ Anyways, that’s about it for this post! β™₯ ” β™›

β™›Β β€œΒ β™₯ Be sure to play safe and jam on! β™₯ ” β™›

β™›Β β€œ β™₯Β  ~ Cosmic β™₯


Hello fall time! (kinda)

Hey jammers! So I just updated the theme for fall time! And I know that it isn’t really fall yet I mean it’s still August but I just thought I would get a head start! lol Anyways I also updated my profile picture which I think is really cool now!


Anywho sorry for the rushed post today I have to get off the computer. >.<

Jam on peeps!


Grahams Gazette is Here! + New pages!

Hey Jams! So today I have some insane news! But first I just wanted to say I won diamonds yesterday and today on the daily spin!? WOW lol I can’t even but anything though since I’m a NM…

Ok lets jump into it! So I posted a few days back saying that me and some peeps from the AJGC are working on an Animal Jam magazine called Grahams Gazette! And yesterday at 4:00 pm the first issue went live! We are all so proud of this first issue and we are already working on a longerΒ (around 20-25 pages)Β  issue for next month! So click below to go to the website and see the magazine!


And since last time I looked the website wasn’t updated with the link to the magazine here’s the direct link!Β

All of us are super happy about the start of Grahams Gazette and we hope you like it too!

Ok now for some blog stuff! So some of you might of seen that the commissions page was taken down awhile back that’s because I am completely remaking the page in an awesome way! So the new commissions page will be coming soon! Because to be honest I am kinda missing making commissions so much. >.< Also I am considering starting up a monthly version of claw art again! So be on the look out for all of that!


Alright jammers that’s about it for today!

Jam on!